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Plamo-Warrior DX
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All the hobby, anime and scale modelling stores/sites I could stuff onto one page!!


Speedy service with sincerity
These guys are no joke. They have the fastest shipping if ya go with EMS. Great customer care too. I shop with them even if my wallet is telling me not to. They are also kind enough to post some of my kits. Nao is a swell person! Go shop NOW!





You are in for a treat if you have not been to This guy is an excellent modeller. He has custom decals for sale. And NOW you can buy a 1:100 scale Hazel converision. Wait a minute. You've got to be kidding me! You can't beat it. It's the coolest!  Anyways, half of my models have decals by Pete! What are ya waiting for!

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Himeya is one of my favorite places to shop for import video games! Great stuff.


Wow! Kicks-hobby! They have Gundam kits, video games, gashapon, DBZ/GT, Action figs, Transformers, hobby mags....You name it. Nice folks to talk to on the phon to. Very polite! Great shopping.



Asylum Anime is a cool shop right here in good ol' Kansas.  Yes KANSAS! Awesome mail order services.


E2046 is a ressin/garage kit shop out of HK. Reasonable prices and nice selection.


Awesome site ran by Tim. Really nice fellow and a very talented modeller as well! He also has a store on this site that sells, well, everything. Everything from Diamond comics merchandise, to custom decals, to the latest G-System resin kits! Also has a great modeling community. Go there NOW!



This is a site from famous modeler Pazu. It is just awesome! He has award winning work that can be seen in Dengeki Hobby. I've been a fan of his work for a long time now. And it is nothing short of inspiring. Very professional works. What the heck are you doing here? Go check it out this very second!!


"Netmodelers.....Netmodelers.....NETMODELERS!!!!" This is how I wake up from my dreams sometimes. Trying to model as good as the Netmodelers model. No one can be told what Netmodlers is. You have to see it for yourself!


Super, and Talented! That is how I would describe fellow CoMer Keenix and is modeling! And that's what youll find at his newly designed site. His models are award winning, and his skills are difficult to match. His Hi NU Gundam conversion has to be one of my favorite pieces ever! Go check it out now.


This site has it all.  Not only a fine site with a flair for Gundam mecha, but you also get a dose of tank armor, traditional painting, sculpting, photography and resin kits. Excellent work by this guy; great compositional eye.  The site is owned by bhop from CoM. He also runs CMC. Do yourself a favor and check it out please!


He just keeps building the most amazing dioramas and vignettes! His paint schemes and background stories are amazing. He's FichtenFoo AKA Michael Fichtenmayer. This site is full of giant robot goodness! The site is great looking and very professional! There's  plenty of tips and tutorials. Check out the Malevolent Creature diorama.


This is the site of Bad Andy! Holla at 'cha boy! All around great stuff from this guy! From Macross to Gundam, and plastic to resins; his kits feature some nifty tricked out modifications to make his some of the most unique kits on the web. Period. Very beautiful pieces on this site. And if your willing, he does have building and painting services. Go!


Excellent site from Japan. Managed by Tetsu. You will not believe the detail on his custom MSiAs. You've got to check out the AMX-004 QUBELEY Mass production Type! Trust me, you will be amazed at what Tetsu can do! Very precise info on customization. His work is always on the move. Be sure to go there now!!


This site is brought to us from Harry!! Wonderful modeling site from Japan with a wide range of Gunpla! Be sure to check out his modified 1/100 Master Grade Gouf Custom that won the Gold Prize in Hobby Japan's Ora Zaku Competition.  This site will be sure to please with excellent works!! If you are a Gunpla fan, please check it out now!


Mr. Takayo4 manages this site from Japan. Again, you're going to find nothing but excellent and inspirational works of Gunpla that will keep you busy clicking for a long time! Be sure to check out his custom built 1/100 GM Spartan in his MG gallery! That kit was also featured in the Hobby Japan Ora Zaku Compy Top 20 list! Excellent work!!


Site of fellow CoMer, ultimaslair. This site features a barrage of mean Gunpla. Excellent painted works that should not be missed. Also, has a great artists eye for photography and pencil drawing. Be sure to check out this beautifully designed site!


Another CoMrade! This site is excellent. Plenty of beautifully painted Gunpla and a resin kit or two! This is the site of Clement Eng AKA gamerabaenre. You simply must check out this page. The welsh corgi section cannot be missed for dog myself!  


Cody's site just received a new update. It looks, to say the very least, excellent. His site contains plenty of Gunpla, but has a forte for resin and garage figures. His figures are some of the best of the web! You just can't miss out on highly professional works!!


Awesome modeling site from Japan featuring the works of Peck. His work has been featured recently in Hobby Japan Magazine. Beautiful painted works and precision enhanced details. Hop to it!


An awesome site from Japan with SIC, Kamen Rider figures and collectibles. A must see for any Masked Rider or fan of SIC. Great stuff!!


A new Site I found with more Masked Rider and SIC Goodness!

More links are on the way!!